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Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Online Warranty Form

Installation & Commission Check List

We are pleased to accept your completion of this ‘webform’ as confirmation that all installation checks have been completed successfully. Before the owner/installer signs this Beta Marine Warranty Form, he/she must ensure that all the following items have been checked and that they are correct. We strongly recommend that where the owner has carried out his own installation then he calls on his local Beta Marine dealer or a qualified marine engineer to check the installation and sign it off.

Run engine in gear with the boat tied up for 20 minutes at 2/3 throttle. Check the installation for leaks and ensure that the system is cooling correctly. If all is OK then take the boat out for a full sea trial as follows:

(a) If the engine cannot reach its full rpm then it’s probably ‘held’ on the propeller. Don’t open the throttle beyond the point at which the engine won’t go any faster as this will only give exhaust smoke due to unburnt fuel. If a tachometer is fitted then note the maximum rpm obtained and consult your dealer if this is below the maximum allowed.
(b) With every trial – check that the water temperature alarm light does not come on. If it does then check that the sea water flow is up to specification and the fresh water level is correct, and then repeat the trial (see Operator’s Maintenance Manual).

Owner / User Details
Heat Exchanger or Keel Cooled? Saildrive?
Beta 20? Beta 43 Saildrive?
Installer Details
(Pleasure or Commercial)
When looking onto the stern of the vessel
Refer to Manual (Keel Cooled Engines Only)
I have read and accept the Warranty terms and I have checked that the installation meets Beta’s requirements as identified in the Operator’s Manual and the Installation & Commissioning Check List.
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