Control Panel & Joystick

Beta Marine offer a range of control panels to cater for various requirements. Please click on the download links to access a fully dimensioned cut-out drawing in pdf format.

Beta Marine E-Drive Electric Propulsion Unit Control Panel

LCD 5″ Touch Screen Control Panel


The control panel has a removable key switch for on and off, a blue light indicator to highlight the panel is switched on, a red light indicator will highlight an alarm and trigger an audible buzzer to sound. A multifunction 5″ glove friendly touch screen can toggle displays between speed, battery bank power status and battery bank range to go function. If connected to a 48v battery management inverter charger system once the battery bank approaches 50% of full capacity the panel will electronically reduce the E-Drive motor power output to match its most efficient power consumption.

Dimensions: 200mm x 135mm

Download PDF LCD Control Panel

Beta Marine E-Drive Electric Propulsion Unit Control Joystick



For safety the joystick will lock when in the neutral position to prevent it being accidentally pushed into forward or reverse. To engage E-Drive pull the joystick caps lower ring up and then move into appropriate direction and speed of choice. When the joystick is moved back into neutral the cap lower ring re-engages and will lock back in place. The joystick will still engage E-Drive should the control panel screen ever fail.

Dimensions: 100mm x 130mm

Download PDF Joystick