Keel Cooled Inboard Electric Propulsion Boat Motor Range

Beta E-Drive Keel Cooled Electric Propulsion Motor

The Beta E-Drive inboard electric propulsion boat motor range has a robust, rugged, compact and unitary design. The 48v DC electric motor delivers 25kW or 31kW intermittent and 14kW or 21kW continuous power and is fully integrated with its controller. It has highly efficient cooling via a water jacket, an integrated header tank and water pump which delivers self-bleeding, easy filling and simple keel skin tank connectivity. The built in 48v DC electric motor controller has self-protection for overpower, under voltage and overspeed.

The Beta E-Drive features a reduction drive to employ a large efficient propeller and allow it to run at its optimised speed.

The Beta E-Drive electric propulsion motor also has ‘plug & play’ connectivity for its control panel, joystick and power supply. The LCD 5″ or 7” touch screen control panel is configured to show speed, current, voltage, and battery bank charge left available. Data logging for motor, controller and battery management system (if installed) can be downloaded to a USB stick for remote diagnostics. Additionally, it has a limp home mode when on a low battery bank which can be overridden by an engineer’s setting.

Heavy duty E-Drive feet with flexible mountings are included.

ECO Friendly
Space Saving
Weight Saving