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Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Fishing & Workboat Listing

This guide lists some of the more popular, older fishing and workboats that have been re-powered, and the engine size used. Choosing an engine size depends upon several different criteria and we would recommend that you discuss with other owners of your class of vessel as well as your local Beta Dealer / Engine Installer. If you have any corrections or additions, please send them to us at:

Fishing / Work BoatOverall LengthDisplacement TonsBeta Marine EngineInstallation Gallery
Buccaneer 16Beta 14FHME
Cheverton 28Qty x2 Beta 43FHME
Falmouth Traditional BoatBeta 20FHME
Kingfisher 2020’ 3”1.2Beta 10 or Beta 14FHME
Kingfisher 25Beta 90FHME
Hambledon FleetBeta Perkins-Sabre 86kVAFHME
Plymouth Pilot 18Beta 20FHME
Plymouth Pilot 24Beta 43FHME
(Ex-Danish Fishing Boat)
Beta 150FHME
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