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Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets


Beta Marine’s range of inland waterways propulsion engines are complemented by a complete range of spares and accessories.

Antisiphon Kit

Complete with air vent, 2 metres of hose and clips. An ‘antisiphon kit’ must be used to stop cooling water entering the engine if the point where the cooling water is injected into the exhaust is less than 15 cms above the waterline (worst case when heeling). The valve should be fitted at least 40 cms above the waterline.


Battery Isolating Switch

100 Amp version shown.

Battery Cables

25mm2 conductor cross sectional area x 1m long. (Generally speaking for smaller engines under 110kW / 150hp, we recommend battery cables of 25mm2 conductor cross sectional area with length up to 1.5m per cable).

Battery Isolation Guideline PDF


Single Lever Control Head

Side mounting, for controlling engine speed and gearbox selection.


Control Cables

3m long – to suit the ‘single lever control head’. These are available in longer lengths – please ask.


R&D Flexible Coupling

An R&D flexible nylon disc that is supplied as standard with our ‘Small Engine Range’. The couplings are made from a polyester elastomer which is not affected by salt water, diesel and lubrication fluids – a very good economical solution.


R&D Clamp Coupling

Suitable for clamping onto your propeller shaft and fitting to the R&D flexible disc. These are available in 25mm and 1” bore.


CentaFlex Type 12 & 16 Couplings

These are good quality flexible couplings, designed with plenty of rubber to absorb torsional shocks and loads. The‘CentaFlex’ coupling is complete, replacing both the R&D flexible and the R&D clamp couplings above. Standard bore sizes are: 25mm.


Water Cooled Exhaust Kit

Comprising of 3m of exhaust hose, skin fitting, and stainless steel clips (gooseneck is not included).


Wet Exhaust Waterlock

Waterlock silencer with stainless steel clips.


Dry Exhaust Silencers

Standard: 68 cms x 12 cms diameter.
‘Hospital’ High Attenuation: 87 cms x 30 cms diameter.


Flexible Fuel Pipe Connections

Required if the engine is flexibly mounted.


Fuel Delivery Kit / Fuel ‘Leak Off’ Kit

Comprising of 5m of copper pipe with end fittings for connection to fuel tank and flexible fuel pipe.


Electric Fuel Lift Pump


Diesel Fuel Filter / Water Separator


Water Inlet Kit

Comprising of seacock with strainer and 2m of pipe with clips.


Remote Header Tank Kit

Remote Header Tank Kit Guideline PDF


Soft Shift for PRM Gearboxes

Suitable for PRM 260, 280, 500, 750 and 1000 models

PRM gearboxes are renouned for their quality and reliability, however in some applications and/or circumstances they can be slighlty abrupt and noisey when gear changes are made and a transmission ‘jolt’ maybe experienced.

The Beta Marine ‘Soft-shift’ option slows down the gear engagement time which provides a smooth and silent transition between forward, neutral and reverse.

Beta Soft Shift for PRM Gearbox Guideline PDF


Sound Deadening Material

38mm thick including a layer of dense material (5kg/m2 polymeric barrier) and metalised surface finish stopping absorption of oil.

Sound Deadening Material Technical Information PDF


Short Voyage Spares Kit

In a plastic toolbox including: 2 x oil filters, fuel and air filter, belts and fuse. All components will differ, dependant upon engine model.


Travel Power

Travel power controller and remote panel.


Stern Gear Water Lubrication Kit

Comprising of brass connection, 3m of pipe and stainless steel clips.

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