Special Feet Options

Is Your Installation Straight Forward?

Beta ‘Special Feet’

Beta Marine engines have been fitted into tens of thousands of vessels around the world using our standard engine feet. However engine bearers can vary immensely so when a problem arises, our solution is to offer our unique service of designing and manufacturing “Special Engine Feet” to suit your individual engine bearers. Your new engine just drops onto your existing engine bearers and lines up with your propeller shaft reducing installation complexity, time and labour.

Engine Bearers In General

The engine bearers that you have in your vessel should extend as far forward and aft as possible, be well braced and securely fastened to form an integral part of the hull. It is simplest if they provide a solid mounting position that is parallel to the propeller shaft, but very often hull design and or vessel layout limits the available space and as a consequence engine bearers can often typically be Parallel, Stepped/Split Level, Down Angled and sometimes totally unique. This presents challenges when careful measurements are required to enable special feet design & fabrication.

Help Beta Marine, to Help You!

Simply; click on the drawing highlighted below. An online form will come into view detailing and clarify the information required for your installation. The form can be printed off for reference and used when you next visit your vessel to obtain the necessary data. As a sense check, please always take some photographs of the installation, so these can be uploaded for Beta Marine technicians to refer.

Parallel Installation – Engine Bearers Parallel to Propeller Shaft

Submitting Your Data

Once you have the required data and supporting photographs revisit this website page, enter your data, upload you photographs and submit your form.

Approving Your Special Feet

Once your special feet form & photographs have been received, Beta Marine technicians will produce a virtual reality 3D model, once they are satisfied it will full fill your installation needs, a 2D drawing will be created and a pdf returned to you. Once this has been received it will need to be carefully checked through, approved and returned to Beta Marine before any manufacturing commences.

Once Approved

Once approval has been received, we manufacture, paint and assemble your engine ready to drop onto your vessels existing engine bearers. Note: Where possible we will fit them directly on to the engine, but if they will not fit within the engine shipping case we will send the feet loose, using standard feet to secure the engine for transportation.

Please Note

Should any of the dimensions submitted be incorrect and a re-modelling is required a charge for the additional cost will be made. Beta Marine will not be held responsible for the incorrect fitment of an engine due to incorrect measurements being supplied to us. If you are unsure on which installation is within your vessel or require further clarification, please contact Beta Marine. Whenever one to one assistance is required, it is imperative to have available current installation photographs so we are able to fully understand the installation and be able to provide a solution.

Recommended Measuring Tools

The following tools are recommended to be available to take the required measurements accurately. All measurements are taken from the propeller shaft centreline (the datum).

Flexible Mountings

Are supplied with all our engines as standard. Correctly installed, these will isolate an extremely high percentage of the engine vibration from the vessel and are adjustable for both height and width.

Beta 14 to Beta 45T
Small Flexible Mountings

Beta 43 to Beta 150
Large Flexible Mountings

Engine Mount Alignment


Correct height
and positioning


Shim(s) required to achieve
correct height and positioning


Positioning too high on the
pillar stud – requires shims


NOT aligned – requires
bearer modifications to correct

Please Note

Do not set the engine feet high up the flexible mount pillar stud. This will cause excessive engine movement and vibration. Pack steel shims under the flexible mount and ensure that the flexible mounting is securely bolted to the engine bearer.