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Project Description

Beta 16 Saildrive

Technical Specifications

Power: 16 hp @ 3,600 rpm
Aspiration: Natural
Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 599 cc
Engine Weight: 86 kg
Engine & Saildrive Weight: 136 kg
2 Bladed Folding Bronze Left Hand Propeller*: 14″ x 9″
3 Bladed Fixed Aluminium Left Hand Propeller*: 13″ x 9″

A general guidance for propeller size in inches, based upon 2 blade folding propeller LH or RH rotation and reduction ratio of 2:1. *For accurate individual advice please provide us with your vessels current full specifications.

Standard Specifications

  • RCD 2 (Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU) exhaust emission compliant.
  • EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency) Tier 3 – 40 CFR 1042 exhaust emission compliant.
  • Mechanically governed comes with:
    • Heat exchanger, header tank and water cooled exhaust manifold.
    • Fresh and sea water pump, injection bend for a wet exhaust.
    • Mechanical fuel lift pump, fuel and oil filtration.
    • Flywheel housing and drive plate with heavy inertia ring for super smooth running at low rpm.
    • Special quiet air intake filter.
    • Shallow sump.
  • 40 Amp, 12 Volt battery charging alternator.
  • Complete with ‘ABV’ control panel with tachometer with running hour recorder, keystart switch, push button stop, green light for ‘power on’, red warning lights and audible alarm for: low oil pressure, high water temperature, domestic and engine alternators ‘no charge; 3m interconnection cable with multi pin plug connector.
  • Heavy duty engine feet and flexible mountings.
  • ‘Morse’ type end fittings for engine speed and gearbox control.
  • Engine test certificate and operators manual.
  • 5 year ‘self-service’ engine warranty, recreational use only!
  • Beta red paint.

SeaProp 60

The Beta Marine replacement engine and saildrive solution comprises of an appropriate new engine of choice fitted with a shallow sump mated to a Technodrive SeaProp 60 saildrive. Which when used in combination with our special feet option will drop into your existing Volvo or Yanmar saildrive GRP moulding.

Note: Replacing a Bukh saildrive leg will required the fitting of the Beta Marine optional GRP moulding as direct replacement to the existing mould.

The SeaProp 60 can accommodate a clockwise or anti-clockwise output rotation and is available in a reduction ratio of 2.15:1 or 2.38:1. Additionally, should your vessels hull design require it, the saildrive leg can be turned through 180 degrees so that the engine is directly over the propeller.

The Engine and SeaProp 60 package includes engine with shallow sump, housing to mate with the Seaprop 60 mounting bracket, through the hull fitting twin diaphragm seal and engine fresh water cooling valve. The transmission main structure is made of die-cast aluminium alloy, hardened and treated against corrosion. Additional protection against galvanic corrosion is guaranteed by sacrificial zinc anodes. The Engine and Seaprop 60 are not mated at the factory and shipped together, independently packed.

Technodrive / Twin Disc
SeaProp 60SD Saildrive Leg Standard
  • 2 year saildrive warranty, recreational use only!

SeaProp 60 Options
The new Beta Marine SeaProp 60 split anode kit replaces the original Technodrive / Twin Disc fitment and facilitates changing the saildrive sacrificial anode without having to first remove and later refit the propeller.
SeaProp 60SD Split Anode Kit Optional

Adaptor Kit Options & Technical Drawings

Beta Marine offer the following gearbox options and reduction ratios. We have selected suitable gearboxes to match the torque loading of each engine, and this will be correct for the majority of yachtsmen and canalboat owners. Some customers, such as commercial fishermen, may require a heavy duty gearbox and/or different reduction ratios to suit their heavy duty requirements. We can also mount your old/existing gearbox on a new Beta engine, if you wish to send it to us. Find out more…

110S Saildrive Standard
120S Saildrive Standard
130S Saildrive Standard
Bukh Saildrive Standard
SD20 Saildrive Standard

Control Panel Options

Beta Marine offer a range of control panels to cater for various requirements. Click on any of the thumbnail images to view a larger more detailed image of the control panel. Find out more…

beta marine contol panel a

A Panel

beta marine contol panel abv

ABV Panel

beta marine contol panel abvw

ABVW Panel

beta marine contol panel b

B Panel

BW Panel

beta marine contol panel c deluxe

C Deluxe Panel

CW Deluxe Panel

Electrical Options

Note: Minimum recommended battery: Not included.

12v 70Ah 450CCA

12 Volt Alternators
40 Amp, 12 Volt Alternator Standard
70 Amp, 12 Volt Alternator in Lieu of Standard Optional
125 Amp, 12 Volt Split Charging System Optional

Shallow Sump

For vessels with very limited space between the engine, bearers and hull we can offer a specially designed shallow sump option, standard on saildrives. The key differences are a reshaped sump pan and repositioning of the sump pump connection.

Oil volumes are marginally reduced (please refer to relevant operators manual) but the dip stick calibration is unchanged. However when this option is fitted, it is important to note that the frequency of the oil change period is reduced. Rather than the standard oil change hours of use, engines fitted with a shallow sump require an initial change after 50 hours then either annually or every 150 hours if sooner.

Beta 10 to Beta 25

beta marine shallow sump option

Special Feet Service

Beta Marine engines have been fitted into tens of thousands of vessels around the world using our standard engine feet. However engine bearers can vary immensely so when a problem arises, our solution is to offer our unique service of designing and manufacturing ‘Special Engine Feet’ to suit your individual engine bearers.

Having designed, manufactured & supplied thousands of bespoke ‘Special Feet’ when required, the additional cost of this option is heavily repaid when your new engine just drops onto your existing engine bearers and lines up with your propeller shaft reducing installation complexity, time and labour. Find out more…


Beta Marine seagoing propulsion engines are complemented by a complete range of installation accessories. Find out more…

Literature & Manuals

Beta 14 – Beta 60 H/E SD
Sales Brochure

Beta 16 H/E SD
Engine Data Sheet

Beta 14 – Beta 60 H/E Saildrive
Installation Guide & Operators Manual

Beta 10 – Beta 115T H/E
Operators Maintenance Manual

SeaProp 60 Saildrive
Operators Maintenance Manual

Dealer Locator

When ordering an engine we always recommend that you talk to your local Beta Marine Dealer / Distributor about what you are looking for, so that you can agree a specification of the engine and accessories you require and they will then quote you. If you don’t have a local dealer then you or your installation engineer can contact the Beta Marine Help Desk.

International Distributors

When ordering an engine we always recommend that you talk to your local Beta Marine Dealer / Distributor about what you are looking for, so that you can agree a specification of the engine and accessories you require and they will then quote you. If you don’t have a local dealer then you or your installation engineer can contact the Beta Marine Help Desk.

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