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Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Project Description

Beta Marine

Beta Marine Limited has built its renowned reputation on 30 years of customer centred focus, listening to their individual maritime diesel power or propulsion needs, then delivering long-lasting, robust and reliable value solutions. We specialise in supporting our customers at all points of a products voyage; Pre-purchase technical advice, CAD supported technical solutions, managing classification specification if required, product installation support, then backing all up with a superb international after-sales service via our network of approved distributors/dealerships.

Scania Powered Generating Sets

Our specifications list offers a range of Scania marine diesel engine powered generating sets of varying HP and kVA that are heat exchanger cooled as standard, arranged for keel or box cooling as an alternative or radiator cooling is optional on selected specifications. We offer a large menu of ancillary equipment and accessories that you may tailor to suit your individual bespoke needs. Once you have ordered your open framed or acoustically enclosed generating set it is individually built to order and too classification standard if it is required. The generators driven by the Scania engine are, as standard, manufactured by Mecc Alte but other options are available such as Newage Stamford (now Cummins Generator Technology) and Leroy Somer.


All generating sets have continuous rated “Prime” power output, 3 phase at 0.8 P.F with a capability for 10% overload in accordance with ISO standard; all designed, built and tested by Beta Marine Limited comprising of;

  • Scania marine specification heat exchanger cooled auxiliary diesel engine and rated for continuous operation in accordance with ISO 3046. Fully classifiable specification suitable for survey, including: duplex change over fuel filters and flexible fuel connections for inlet and return (fire retardant and ‘type’ approved).
  • Heat exchanger cooling complete with cupro-nickel tube bundle, fresh and sea water pumps and lubricating oil cooler.
  • Water cooled exhaust manifolds with exhaust elbow and flexible bellows section.
  • 24 Volt electric start system with battery charging alternator and stop solenoid valve. Marine type insulated return. Type approved protection switches for oil and water.
  • Combined start, alarm and shutdown panel engine mounted and pre-wired to engine components and including: Marine approved modular engine controller to monitor all engine parameters with start and stop push buttons. A screen enables direct readings of oil pressure, jacket water temperature and provides engine status information. The module provides auto shutdown on fault and gives the possibility for signal inputs/outputs to ship system.
  • Speed governor to control engine speed to the requirements of ISO 3046 for diesel generating set.
  • Scania standard fuel, lubricating oil and combustion air filters, lube oil cleaner. Lube oil sump drain pump.
  • Mecc Alte marine rated generator to ISO standard, 4 pole, brushless, self-ventilated with IP 22 protection, two bearing construction. The generator is self-regulating and self-excited and is complete with terminal box and automatic voltage regulator, fully suitable for use in engine room environments of 45°C.
  • Engine and generator are close coupled together with flexible coupling and mounted on a combined welded steel baseplate.
  • Marine failsafe anti-vibration mountings to isolate the set from the ships seating.
  • Paint: Scania colours.
  • Each generating set is “full load” tested in accordance with our quality document QA001. On turbocharged engines load acceptance is limited in accordance with ISO 3046.
kVA Rating 3 Phase @ 0.8 PF 50 Hz - 1,500 rpmkVA Rating 3 Phase @ 0.8 PF 60 Hz - 1,800 rpmGenerating Set Model
200200DI09 074M 04-01
230230DI09 074M 04-01
255255DI09 074M 04-02
316316DI09 074M 04-03
331331DI13 074M 04-04
379379DI13 074M 04-05
-442DI13 074M 04-01
442500DI13 074M 04-02
500-DI16 074M 04-03
505550DI16 074M 04-01
530600DI16 074M 04-02
565650DI16 074M 04-03
600700DI16 074M 04-04
635760DI16 090M 04-45

Engine Options:

  • Air motor starting in lieu of electric
  • Starter batteries.
  • Exhaust silencers such as ordinary acoustic types or spark arrestor types for dry systems, supplied loose for installation by the customer.
  • Water injection exhaust elbow for wet system in lieu of exhaust elbow and flexible bellows section.
  • Fuel/water separators for use as primary fuel filter.
  • Duplex change over type lube oil filters as may be required by class.
  • Jacket water heater.
  • Additional alarm or protection switches to meet specification requirements and or additional classification society requirements such as unmanned engine room.
  • Certification such as: EIAPP emission certificate; Class survey certificate; Type approval certificate.

Generator Options:

  • Anti-condensation heaters.
  • Droop current transformer for parallel operation.
  • 3 phase sensing automatic voltage regulator.
  • Volts trim potentiometer, supplied loose for mounting by the customer.
  • Class survey certificate; Type approval certificate.

Generating Sets Options:

  • Arranged for parallel operation.
  • Automatic control panel with genset controller.
  • Extended control panels.
  • Mains output panels/circuit breakers/switchboards, etc.
  • Witness tests by classification society surveyor such as Lloyds Register; Det Norske Veritas; Bureau Veritas; American Bureau of Shipping; RINA.
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