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Inland Generating Sets

Beta Marine has gained considerable experience over many years manufacturing marine generating sets for Narrowboats, Wide Beam & Dutch Barges arranged for keel cooling or heat exchanger cooling. These small marine generating sets are based on Kubota diesel engines from 3.75kVA up to 50kVA; available as a standard generating set or acoustically housed.

  • A Quality robust design – manufactured for reliable and dependable long life operation.
  • Low noise levels as standard – acoustic housings an option!
  • Keel or Heat Exchanger cooling.
  • Lloyds Register “Design Appraisal” from 9kW.
  • ‘Recreational Craft Directive 94/25/EC as amended by 2003/44/EC’ emission compliant.
  • Generating Set Warranty is 12 months from commissioning in accordance with our standard terms.

Our BetaGen range of generating sets have high quality Acoustic housings that are carefully designed to have compact dimensions and low weight, with all service connections brought to the outside of the housing – ready for a quick and easy installation. We can supply most electrical voltages from 230 volt single phase; 3 Phase 400 volt etc. 50Hz or 60Hz. We will be pleased to discuss your generating sets requirements.

Standard Specifications

  • Heat exchanger cooled, the Beta 43, 50, 60 & 75 are naturally aspirated, whilst the Beta 70, 85, 90, 105 & 115 are turbocharged.
  • 4 cylinders with high inertia flywheel for smooth running at low rpm.
  • Heater plugs for cold starting below 5°C, fuel filter, mechanical fuel lift pump, mechanical fuel injection pump and mechanical engine governing ensures steadfast performance regardless of ambient conditions.
  • Quiet gear driven camshaft for maximum engine reliability and reduced servicing, as no timing chains or toothed belts have to be replaced.
  • Three vortex combustion with indirect injection for quiet running, low emissions and excellent fuel consumption – Beta 43, 50, 60 & 75.
  • ICVS combustion with direct injection for quiet running, low emissions and excellent fuel consumption – Beta 70, 85, 90, 105 & 115.
  • Mechanical & hydraulic, in-line, down angle or V drive gearbox options. Output rotation is clockwise in ahead, viewed from the gearbox end.
  • Subject to criteria, Kubota based engines accommodate installation angles up to 15° maximum when static and 25° when heeling.
  • 70 amp battery charging alternator giving full power at cruising speed with 12 volt electric starting as standard. Optional or additional alternators and polyvee belt/pulley drive transmission are available.
  • Complete with “ABV” Control Panel & 3m of interconnection cable, “Morse” type engine speed and gearbox control brackets & end fittings. Heavy duty feet and flexible mountings.
  • Optional special feet service, to ease planning and installation Beta Marine offer 3D computer aided modeling for the design & the manufacture of bespoke feet to allow direct installation on to your vessels existing engine bearers.
  • Subject to installation criteria & registration, Kubota based engine`s used for recreational use benefit from a 5 year ‘self-service’ engine warranty.
  • Red paint.

Optional Extras

Hot water fittings
Keel cooling
Long term storage (test run on ensis oil and calibration fluid)
Mount and pulley for sea frost compressor
PTO pulley (twin A sections)
Remote oil filter
High rise exhaust elbow
Shallow sump
Special feet to suit your installation requirements

Control Panel Options

Beta Marine offer a range of control panels to cater for various requirements. Please click on the download links to access a fully dimensioned cut-out drawing in PDF format. Find out more…

ABV Panel Standard
ABVW Panel Optional
B Panel Optional
BW Panel Optional
C Deluxe Optional
CW Deluxe Panel Optional
D Digital Panel Optional
Flybridge Control
– Additional C Panel & 6m Connection Cable

Electrical Options

We offer a selection of different options to suit most requirements for either heat exchanger cooling or keel cooling. If you require an alternative solution with specific alternators we can normally design, manufacture and fit suitable alternator supports and pulley drives to suit your needs. Find out more…

12 Volt Alternators
70 Amp, 12 Volt Alternator Standard
120 Amp, 12 Volt Alternator in Lieu of Standard Optional
175 Amp, 12 Volt Alternator in Lieu of Standard Optional
70 Amp, 12 Volt Insulated Return Alternator Optional
100 Amp, 12 Volt Insulated Return Alternator Optional
175 Amp, 12 Volt Secondary Domestic Alternator Optional
24 Volt Alternators
24 Volt Electric Start & 55 Amp Alternator Optional
80 Amp, 24 Volt Secondary Domestic Alternator Optional
60 Amp, 24 Volt Secondary Domestic Insulated Return Alternator Optional
Travel Power
3.5 kVA Travel Power – 230 Volt, Single Phase 50Hz Optional
5.0 kVA Travel Power – 230 Volt, Single Phase 50Hz Optional

Gearbox Options

Beta Marine offer the following gearbox options and reduction ratios. We have selected suitable gearboxes to match the torque loading of each engine, and this will be correct for the majority of yachtsmen and canalboat owners. Some customers, such as commercial fishermen, may require a heavy duty gearbox and/or different reduction ratios to suit their heavy duty requirements. We can also mount your old/existing gearbox on a new Beta engine, if you wish to send it to us. Find out more…

Bobtail – No Gearbox
Bobtail Engine with Drive Plate & Housing Only Standard
Technodrive / Twin Disc
TM93 – Hydraulic Standard
TM93A – 8° Down Angle, Hydraulic Optional
PRM Marine
PRM500 – Hydraulic Standard
PRM750A – 7° Down Angle, Hydraulic Optional
ZF45 – Hydraulic Standard
ZF45A – 8° Down Angle, Hydraulic Standard
ZF63 IV – 15° V Drive, Hydraulic Standard

Supporting Literature

Beta Marine have a full range of supporting literature downloads. These downloads cover almost all over our product range and are always being updated. Simply click on any the links to download the latest version of the PDF directly to your desktop.

Generating Set Brochure

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