Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Generating Sets

Project Description

Saildrive Solution 2: Replacement Engine with adaptor for existing Saildrive Leg

Although we would always recommend replacing both engine and saildrive together, should your existing saildrive be known to be in excellent condition or has been recently fully overhauled this option facilitates a reduced replacement engine cost.

The Beta Marine engine with adaptor solution consists of an appropriate engine of choice which is fitted with a shallow sump and a housing adaptor plate which can allow it to be mounted directly to your existing; Volvo 110S, Volvo 120S, Volvo 130S, Yanmar SD20 or Bukh saildrive.

Optional Special Feet

To ease planning and installation further Beta Marine offer 3D computer aided modelling for the design and the manufacture of bespoke feet to allow direct installation on to your vessels existing GRP moulding.

Saildrive Range Brochure
Volvo 110S Installation Manual (Beta 10 – Beta 25 Engines)
Volvo 110S Installation Manual (Beta 30 – Beta 38 Engines)

Important: Please Read – Volvo 110S Leg Guidelines
Beta 20 Volvo 110S Leg (MD7A)
Beta 30 Volvo 110S Leg (MD11C)

Beta 14 to Volvo 120S Leg
Beta 14 to Volvo 120S Leg (2001)
Beta 16 to Volvo 120S Leg
Beta 20 to Volvo 120S Leg (No Feet)
Beta 25 to Volvo 120S Leg (2002)
Beta 30 to Volvo 120S Leg (2003)
Special Feet

Beta 20 to Yanmar SD20 Leg
Beta 25 to Yanmar SD20 Leg
Beta 30 to Yanmar SD20 Leg


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