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Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Marine Generating Sets

Project Description

‘Super Silent’ Propulsion Engines

Beta Marine Super Silent Canal Boat Engines

Beta have been pioneers in bringing to the canal boat market the latest technology to make life more pleasant and easier for boating. Many potential customers hanker after the concept of very quiet cruising and we have developed over the last 10 years the acoustically housed Beta propulsion engines to satisfy this market.

The most popular versions are the Beta 43S and the Beta 50S based upon the highly regarded Beta 43 and Beta 50 diesel engines with conventional PRM hydraulic gearboxes, but in addition they include as standard the 3.5kVA Travel Power AC generator and the whole arrangement is enclosed in an acoustic housing with ventilation fan and easily detachable inspection /service panels. Because these engines run very quietly we also supply a ‘hospital silencer’ in the standard package to keep exhaust noise to a minimum.

These units therefore combine the best of both worlds with well proven conventional diesel engines and gearbox with AC generator at an affordable price and very quiet running.

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