Saildrive Solutions

We can offer you two different solutions:

Saildrive Solution 1:
Replacement Engine and Saildrive Leg

With this option we supply a complete replacement saildrive unit, that just ‘drops into your existing GRP moulding’.

Our range starts from 13.5 hp and extends to 56 hp comprising our Beta engine fitted to the very reliable Technodrive SeaProp 60 leg, with a shallow sump and special feet to match your existing GRP moulding.

We have detailed and dimensioned arrangement drawings available – please ask and we can send them to you; or look on our website for drawings that can be ‘downloaded’.

The SeaProp 60

Can accommodate a clockwise or anti-clockwise output rotation and is available in 2.15:1 or 2.38:1 reduction ratio. Additionally, should your vessels hull design require it, the saildrive leg can be turned through 180 degrees so that the engine is directly over the propeller.

Saildrive Solution 2: Replacement Engine
with Adaptor for Existing Saildrive Leg

Although we would always recommend replacing both engine and saildrive together, should your existing saildrive be known to be in excellent condition or has been recently fully overhauled this option facilitates a reduced replacement engine cost.

The Beta Marine engine with adaptor solution consists of an appropriate engine of choice which is fitted with a shallow sump and a housing adaptor plate which can allow it to be mounted directly to your existing; Volvo 110S, Volvo 120S, Volvo 130S, Yanmar SD20 or Bukh saildrive.