BetaGen ‘Super Silent’ Generating Sets

Available as Heat Exchanger, Keel or Radiator Cooled

Although our generating sets are quiet by comparison as standard, for customers who require especially quiet operation Beta Marine have developed a model range that is specified with a highly insulated acoustic enclosure.

These enclosures reduce noise levels down to a low 60 dB(A) when measured at seven metres under free field conditions at normal operating speeds. Manufactured from ‘zintec’ steel and off white ‘powder coated’ paint to complement the engine colour, the panel frame is bolted together for rigidity and strength and lined with high quality 38mm flame retardant acoustic foam material (including a 4mm polymeric barrier), held in place with high temperature silicon adhesive.

Quick release “service” panels facilitate easy, simple and unobstructed access to the engine, generator and ancillaries. Acoustic attenuating ducts provide air flow in and out of enclosure which comes complete with a ventilation fan.

The design allows the generating set to rest on flexible mountings within the enclosure and all ancillary / service connections are brought out of the enclosure including battery +ve and -ve terminals, fuel inlet and return, cooling water inlet and return, wet exhaust outlet (Heat Exchanger engine) or dry exhaust outlet (Keel Cooled engine).

To view the full generator set specifications please refer to our BetaSet / GenSet Range.