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Beta Marine’s Understanding of Generating Set ‘Type’ Approvals

  • Very few generating set manufacturers have had their generating sets ‘type’ approved. This would only be valid for an absolutely standard specification, whereas most generating sets are built to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Normally ‘type’ approvals only apply to the main components such as the diesel engine and the main electrical generator.
  • Sometimes manufacturers have their equipment ‘design’ approved which is different from ‘type’ approval but may be accepted.
  • Accordingly for ‘type’ approved marine generating sets we can supply the following certification:

a. Engine ‘design’ or ‘type’ approval certificate.
b. Generator ‘type’ approval certificate.
c. Beta Marine combined works test certificate for the complete generating set.

  • If the vessel is “classified” and the class notation calls for the machinery to be “in class” then there is no alternative (except as allowed by the relevant class rules) but to have the engine, generator and complete generating set fully surveyed and witness tested by class society surveyors with full class certificates being issued specific to the machinery in question. This means that the engine, generator and generating set are surveyed and witness tested at the original manufacturers’ factory. This avoids problems with the surveyor on board.
  • The requirements vary between classification societies. We will happily supply whatever you order but you must discuss with your local surveyor and make sure that that he will accept the machinery under those conditions/specification. It is not possible to issue a class survey or witness test certificate after the event because the equipment will not have been built under survey.
  • Copies of makers ‘type’ or ‘design’ approval certificates are normally supplied free of charge. Any class surveyor survey certificate or witness test certificate is chargeable and can be expensive.

Please understand that not all engines are available with ‘type’ approval and some engine manufacturers do not offer/allow their engines to be surveyed and witness tested by class society surveyors in their factory.

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